Clap Clap Clap 11

Clap Clap Clap

you know you want to do it

there's really nothing to it

just put your hands together and go

clap clap clap

you don't want a cookie

or a Dora fruit snack

you just wanna jump around and

clap clap clap

Charlie's got the rhythm

David's got the time

He just said gaga goo goo

Boo was Charlie's rhyme

Charlie and David know just what they're gonna say

When John Michael shows up on his birthday


it takes two hands

and no head stands

just smack your paws together and go

clap clap clap

you don't want popcorn

or gooey Opa cheese

you just wanna say please

clap clap clap

Charlie's playing drums

Little David's on kazoo

They'll teach John Michael to play didgeridoo

they clap so much

their hands are free of cookie crumbs

Charlie and David know just how to have fun


as you grow, there's more you'll know, but even so for now just put on your silly show and clap!

cap clap clap

Words and music by Mark Meisel

Copyright © 2016 - Counter Clockwise Music, all rights reserved.